At TBM we are committed to reducing our planetary footprint and ensuring the wellbeing of our workers, contractors and customers.

If you've ever taken stock of your home or work's impact on the environment, you'll understand what a minefield it can be! Everything seems to made from or wrapped in something it shouldn't.

It is a task that will probably never end in my own lifetime, however, I have started a journey that will try to take into account every element of everyday life at the home of TBM. I have to start somewhere and the research even covers our toilet rolls! Below you will find an alphabetical list of the elements we have sought to improve so far, and this will be added to as we go. I'll ask the Webby if this list can be toggled so that you can search by date as well as alphabetical item. Watch this space...

Item/Last update

Toilet rolls/2021.02.04th