Threads used in our belt making

At The Belt Makers we usually use three different types of thread in our belt making.

The first, and most traditional, is linen thread. These have been around for centuries and are tried and tested. The colours are strong and last well and this natural material has character. You can see that most clearly in the differing thicknesses along the length of a long section of stitching, such as in one of our border belts. 

Linen does have its drawbacks. It can be difficult for beginners to use, as it is easy to sew through your thread, and linen often prefers to break rather than be untangled.

It is only produced in basic colours. We stock Black, Brown and Yellow and it also comes in Natural. It is also not really very long lasting. If you have a belt, bag or a briefcase made using linen thread, it is to be expected that the leather will outlast the stitching. Here at TBM we will restitch our own belts that have been made using linen thread, free of charge.

Next, we have slipping twine. This was developed for upholsterers and bookbinders as an alternative to linen, with a much better longevity than linen thread. It is easier to stitch with as it is less prone to breaking, and comes in a wider range of colours. We currently carry Red, Green (dark) and Blue. Slipping twine behaves in a very similar way to linen and has a much more consistent weave, giving a smoother and more even thickness.

Drawbacks for slipping twine would be that it stretches a little, however it is easy to simply stretch the length before sewing so that there are no surprises after the stitching is completed! The colour range is still a little limited and the darkest colours can be hard to tell apart.

Tiger thread is super strong. Like slipping twine, it is entirely man made but unlike the other options, Tiger comes in a much wider array of shades. It is a pleasure to work with and almost impossible to break. 

There are some jobs that even a Tiger can't do and we occasionally need to source colours in which Tiger thread is not available. Thanks to our years of hand sewing experience, we can source threads to match most colour scheme requirements. If you have any particular thread colour needs, do please get in touch and we will do our best to help!