Toilet Rolls


Absolutely! I have cut down my last tree for this purpose!

4th Feb 2021

I've dabbled in bamboo printer paper in the past but stopped trying when it stopped being easy to get hold of. That was over a decade ago now and seemed to have been a phase that the local supermarket was part of at the time. Now that I've seen a documentary that showed how quick it could be to rip up an entire tree, strip it of its branches and process it for turning into something that gets flushed away, I feel a strong desire to do something about it. 

I spent last night researching bamboo toilet rolls - I'm trying not to refer to them as paper cos that's confusing - and found it's quite easy to get side tracked by all the other bamboo products that are available as well. Just the toilet rolls! Focus, Marie, we can do more later. 

More to follow...