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The Sedgwick Selection
Classic Belts

World famous leather for its strength, lustre, durability and luxurious suppleness


Stunning Conker brown leather belt

Belt 1

Stunning Black leather belt

Belt 2

Stunning Black TBM leather belt

Belt 3

TBM stunning Australian Nut leather belt

Belt 4

TBM stunning Conker leather belt

Belt 5

TBM Alpha leather belt


TBM Buxton leather belt


TBM London Dee leather belt

London Dee

Sedgwick Selection info

For those who know leather, simply to handle this luxury item makes them look up and smile.

TBM's Sedgwick Selection belts are made using Sedgwick's best Bridle Butt leather: world renowned for its strength, durability, density and lustre and obtained by The Belt Makers from the UK distributor with the Royal Warrant for the supply of saddlery materials to the Crown.

Each delightfully classic belt is individually and lovingly hand stitched at 8 stitches to the inch by a National award-winning craftsman. TBM simply don't do ‘mass production’.

As with any traditionally tanned English Bridle Butt leather, a waxy residue may appear on clothing for the first few times of wearing. This is normal and should brush off.

Over time the belt leather will naturally relax and mold itself to the shape of the wearer. This is all part of the beauty of owning a real belt that should be a favourite for years to come.

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